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Product Related Questions

- How long will it take to develop my website?
This depends entirely upon the complexity of your desired website, for something simple it can be accomplished in a   few days. If you are after a more complicated website, with lots of integrated features it can take up to a few weeks.

- What if i want my computer or server upgraded?
Brilliant! We will discuss your needs, recommend hardware to suit and if you agree we will go ahead with all installations and updates required to get your network back on its feet!

- I don't really understand computers and i don't want to get taken advantage of, how can i tell your telling the truth?
We never expect our customers to have the depth of knowledge in the industry that we do, as such we realise that attitude can be a large part of the IT experience. Every concern you have, can and will be addressed and explained in plain english. We will never go ahead with something you don't understand the reason for.

- Do you keep spare parts in stock?
Yes, we keep a stock of most computer peripherals, so if you need a mouse or printer in a hurry we can organise a delivery to your place of work.

- Does your work come with warranty?
Yes, any hardware installed is covered by a 12 month warranty for all new parts. Websites come with 12 months of support included in the cost.

- How much input will i have on the websites appearance and functionality?
You can have as much or as little input as you like, you can give us a brief of what you want and we can go ahead and design it, or alternatively we can ensure your happy with each step, although that may slow down development time.
We will always try our hardest to meet your needs, and if they cannot be met we will offer an alternative solution.

Customer Support Questions

- Where is your company located?
We are located in Welwyn Garden City in Peartree farm industrial estate.

- What kind of support do you offer?
Depending on how much support you need, we can offer same day call outs and tickets will be responded too within 2 hours, we can offer this support 7 days a week. Or if you like we can only come in once a week or month. The maintenance schedules are ultimately up to you, and how much you are willing to spend.
- Do you offer off site support?
Yes, with our remote connection software, we can manage, support and guide your employees regardless of their physical location so long as the PC is connected to the internet.

- Can you provide the relevant training so my employees understand how to use the software?
Yes, training can be provided to your staff to ensure everything runs smoothly.


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